Volunteers are welcome to support the Parent Avenger journey. Our work is continuous and spearheaded by parents in the community.  We welcome everyone from various cultures and backgrounds. Avengers are a team of fairless superheroes who support, uplift, protect their community. Email us at

Focus on the Next Generation 

We are a growing community. Parent Avengers programs impact the next generation through education, resources, and guidance. We take measures to  prevent the displacement of  the families we serve. When families are displaced, there is an interruption in their households. Children are uprooted from their enrolled schools and placed in new learning environments. This leads to a disruption in learning for students and in some cases learning loss. .Our philsosphy is that KIDS ARE PARAMOUNT!  

 Parents are SuperHeroes:Avenge⚡️

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West Side Parent Avengers

P.O. Box 2054
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